Vacation moment

In just half an hour i’m leaving on a bus to some cool place and will be gone for a week! I almost certain won’t be able to play roblox this time but depending on circumstances I might be able to get my chromebook on the forums for a few moments. This is pretty unlikely though, and i’m basically saying i’ll be inactive for a week.


Have a great vacation!


enjoy your temporary escape from the underworld! :partying_face:


First day of my vacation, which is mainly getting there… on a bus

Apparently, the bus has Wi-Fi, and in this bus I will be spending the first day actually reaching the destination. I didn’t think it would have Wi-Fi but fortunately my mom’s IPad exists so I might be on a little bit today :mariomug:

I’ll even be sleeping overnight on the bus and waking up tomorrow probably where we’re supposed to be or something idk, not even sure what’s gonna happen or if I’ll have the opportunity to update you guys with this

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happy vacation lol, i’ll be waiting for you when you come back to hell!

the future

trying not to make an ice pun

seriously though, hope the vacation goes well

where i live, the school busses didn’t even have air conditioning or heating until a couple years ago :skull:

in fact, some STILL don’t have heating, and supposedly people will literally leave their blankets on the bus because it gets somewhat cold in the winter

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So as we’re going further and further south, some crazy stuff is happening. First it’s getting warmer, and the terrain is getting super dramatic and hilly. We’re seeing huge hills and mountains, creeks, and even some huge rock faces and waterfalls. Nothing like this where I live so it’s pretty cool.


That does sound fun, i love the more mountainous views

Yeah only problem is that my ears were popping from all the changing of altitude

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Dam sadly u can’t play ao there lol

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Nope, I have wifi but no PC obviously

bye nerd

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is that in disneyland?


damn where is it then?

A hotel right outside Disney World territory