Value of American Seasonals

Anyone have a valuation on them? I’ve seen them traded for sunkens and also for crowns, so. Unsure of what the trader valuation is for them as opposed to larger community valuation

Its weird, in the forums there isn’t much to do with them. ingame they are great rip-off material to new players

The rarity isn’t through the roof, even with all of the duped ones being deleted, so their value is around that of a regular halloween seasonal. You are correct in them being traded for sunkens, but times have changed.

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One american piece is worth more than 2x halloween seasonals, as a set not sure they got duped alot so not a lot rarer

Nope ^ :nod:

Every seasonal with the exception of the headless head is basically worth nothing.


So? All I said was American pieces are worth more.

and he said you are wrong :nod:


Personally, I’d say they’re worth more than halloween seasonals (excluding headless), and I’m pretty sure the dupes got deleted or smth? So due to it being made at an earlier date than the hallowing seasonals, therefore being able to rack up more value, are worth mor than every Halloween item. (Probably not enough for any sunkens though).

Really? I also personally think the American seasonals are worth more than your average Halloween seasonal, once again, excluding headless head.

I don’t have clear reasoning to why, but idk I’ve never found Halloween seasonals other than headless to be of any worth.

Value wise they really arent, alot of them exist. Most people who have them have upwards of 200 of each

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