Value of Blasted Vatrachos set?

someone recommended me this set with its modifier for a specific build I’m making. I assume it’s very rare, but idk the inherent value of this set. What kind of stuff people would want for it? Is it better if I find the set myself?

Isnt vatrachos a dark sealed drop? You cant put blasted on it.

I heard that you gotta go to a specific island in the dark sea that automatically puts blasted on everything, but I don’t know if that’s even true or not

If even that is true its impossible because vatrachos is coming from only sealed chests.
Dark sealed chests are all the same.

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thats a myth
the only way to get blasted items is to complete treasure charts that lead to akursius keep. Therefore, any item that doesnt drop from regular chests in the bronze or nimbus sea cannot ever be blasted. So blasted vatrachos doesnt exist


you got baited lil bro :sob:

the value of this if it was real would be high, but seeing as it’s real as my chances are of surviving past 18, its value is nothin.

very cap

if you successfully get one, it will be the most expensive item in the game because nobody else has it

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It literally does not exist.

Yeah you have to find it at Mimhere Island. Tell me how it goes!

If you got your hands on some, it’d have a value of inf.
oh and you’d probably be banned on the spot.

1 interchange smoothie from mimhere island

the ritual is completed once more