Value of crystaline arcmancer?

How much do crystaline or other (not blasted) modified arcmancer pieces cost? In galleons and in terms of other items too

Crystalline is the second most valuable modifier atm since its perfect for high atk speed shadow mages for example. Imo theyre like 40k for the pants and hat and like 50k for the robes. Tho it might be difficult to find people selling them for that amount since theyre pretty rare so people will prolly expect overpays.

In terms of items thatd be a bit below an acrimony for the robes. A sunken iron chestplate for example would likely be enough for robes and if not then nearly 100% for the pants or hat

As for the other modified arcmancer stuff, sandy and superheated are basically worthless. Archaic is good but size isnt that desirable for metamancers compared to speed so archaic isnt that valuable atm either. Frozen is pretty good and about similar to crystalline in value

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what the fuck is happening to the economy :sob:
when did we start trading sunkens for normal items 1-1 and even consider it UNDERPAY

Luck 5 parties made and still make sunken iron super common. Especially since the demand for it just isnt there. So they dont really get traded often and when they do, they usually go for a max of like 50-60k

Also modified arcmancer is not something you could consider a normal item since:

  • most people dont do charts
  • when people do do charts, the rates for getting arcmancer are pretty low
  • depending on the modifier it could take ages to get the right chart (akursius for blasted) but even crystalline isnt guaranteed since you can get archaic from grass charts too. On top of that youre not even guaranteed to get modified items from charts either
  • modified arcmancer stats are amazing

But ye sunkens irons being mid tier items in terms of value wouldve been crazy like more than half a year ago

we need more sunken wipes!!!

I got crystalline arc robes

Ikr I traded seasonals for sunkens pre-dark sea and got a bunch of sunkens, then came back to find the sunken economy in shambles.

I traded like 2 or 3 for boss drops when the game first came out because it was before I realized that non-headless seasonals were actually really valuable now

I grinded so much for boss drops (now 75 galleon coins that can only be sold) and seasonals were kind of an afterthought for me. I wish I just traded my drops for more seasonals back then.