Value of the Easter seasonals?

Its approaching a year since their release, and i’m curious, totally not to me forgetting i have the full set, if they have any value yet?

eggs are worth nothing, the valk is worth the most out of them all (i think on par with a halloween seasonal? unsure), the lanterns are worth less than the valk but still decently valuable

Some people might pay a fair bit for eggs, for example alchemy egg goes quite well with vatrachos set. As for the valk. helm and lanterns, I’d say they are about worth equal?

Theres going to be madlad of a trader to collect the most eggs, so keep an on them

Unrelated but idk what to do with my valkyrie helm so I gave it to my deckhand

if someones rich enough they would give headlesses to all their deckhands

I was so rich, that I sold it to a random NPC during WoM times.