Value Question

So I have 15 legendary scales and 1 prometheus acrimony I am currently trying to buy a sunken warrior chest plate or sunken warrior leggings but idk the value of my items like if they are high enough

Legendary fish scale are really high right now, 1 single legendary fish scale cost around 15k Galleons

should be enough if you manage to find the right person

My only problem is finding anyone lol

It is high enough. However, trading a certain thing for an uncertain outcome, either you win or lose due to luck, is not someone willing to risk for.

You mean sw legs and chest? Of course, it would be very hard to find one. Especially since almost everyone knew that sunkens would rise in value.

Hpwever, if you do manage to give them a reasurrance like galleons, or something like acrimony they will surely accept it.

Or I bet someone would accept it if you brew it on a gilded pot with perfect brewing skills on a supernova, or elixir potion.

4 Gilded Perfect Luck V will surely tantalize them

However, the other choice is you use it and fish for yourself, which of course is based on luck and may go to waste or may give you profits

acrimony by itself is probably not enough for sw
and legendary scales are in the shitter since they got gutted this update and they’re being gutted next update too