Very cursed

Not photoshopped btw

BTW I finished the storyline

Ok? It’s just a bug that makes you rejoin if you’re using a tracker to boss farm

L no tracker

not all of us are grinders or traders yunno (W outcome tbh)

When I clicked it, it didn’t work

well yea its a visual bug

still good to have one just in case if you want to grind

why are you trying to give this man the deadly grinder virus

to make them hate AO :smiling_imp:

why does that sound unironically dangerous

Happened to me too today

I wonder if Vetex had a plot planned

I think it was going to have a plot based around like a big evil organization vs the Magic Council, I could be making it up tho

Sounds fun but probably couldn’t do much, then again this game hyperfixates on guilds so yeah