Very important poll (real)

when you wet your toothbrush before brushing your teeth, which temperature water do you wet the toothbrush with?

  • hot
  • cold
  • i dont wet it :fr:
  • i dont brush my teeth

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You know… you can’t wet it right?

Putting water in toothpaste before brushing makes the toothpaste lose a lot of nutrients in it.

oh shit what

It does not necessarily hurt , but it is wrong to wash the toothpaste , the brush can , not using water on the paste before brushing

I will do a topic about healthy things

they were talking about the brush

Regarding the poll, I just use warm water, but more in the hot side

Regarding what Rodrigo said, I actually wet my brush before and after I put toothpaste on the toothbrush. Washing beforehand makes the bristles softer and washes off any potential access particles. Washing after can help activate the toothpaste even more

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i just wet my brush before the toothpaste

i know it should be obvious already but im slowly realizing how much of a weirdos u guys r

okay making sure

I put cold water on my toothbrush then I put the toothpaste on it
then I brush my teeth

why is not brushing your teeth chad? that’s quite frankly disgusting.

Shhhhh, those are the br*tish “”“people”“” voting, let them be :shushing_face:

why you saying this like they’re not human or something

I mean yeah lack of dental hygiene is kinda blegh but they’re not that bad

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I don’t.

dont quote me like that it makes me sounds devious

just a joke

the foam