Very serious: Racism

Gonna take this as you being British, so I will answer with this. Why does the British way of… communication, go out of it’s way to purposely pronounce “bottle of water” in a way that sounds “boh-ol o’ woh-tah”

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Racism? Only insults and bullying that I’ve been a target of was just because I was (and still am) me. I have been the target of a few n-words, for some reason. Can’t go through a day in school now without the n-word being dropped out of no where, anymore.

I think the only real racist stuff that I’ve witnessed was just my dad being an idiot.


“Hiayh! Hwah! Ching chong…” when I was in an MMA class, or whenever I’m just talking about anything associated with Eastern Asia.

He keeps calling himself or someone else a “Black Puerto Rican” whenever it involves doing something bad.

Accents, I guess.

Once, a guy asked my mom if she spoke Cantonese because she was Taiwanese. She corrected him quickly, but it still stuck

I think that’s more of an honest mistake than racism ngl because if he specifically asked her if she spoke cantonese, it seems that person was trying to actually just ask a normal question since cantonese is a pretty specific langauge.

I think the word you’re looking for here is not necessarily racism, but xenophobia (dislike/prejudice against people from other countries)

the amount of “do you speak ching chong” or “ni haoo konichiwa” id get back in elementary school was quite beyond incredible (for context, im korean)

nowadays i dont get as many racist remarks thrown at me, but when I mention I’m asian, people sometimes ask me if i eat dogs or cats. other than that i actually get a lot more uh, weird idolization? Like, whenever I mention I’m korean theres usually a few people who go “DO YOU LIKE KPOP” or “OMG CAN YOU TEACH ME KOREAN” and thats pretty damn annoying

what is this topic bruh :skull:

But here’s the thing: He said that BECAUSE my mom told him that she was Taiwanese. Assuming everyone who’s Taiwanese speaks Cantonese is still racist

Idk man I wouldn’t really know that for a fact or not either

I think it was an honest mistake, even if the question was a bit dumb in nature

prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

A lot of people here are describing people that literally have no idea about your country. Racism is when someone is hating on you because of your race.

For example:

“I’m gonna fail this kid. He thinks he’s so smart, but he’s just a little black boy.”

that’s racism

But this isn’t racism:

“Oh, your from France? Do you like to eat baguettes?”

That’s just curiosity. Even this:

“Oh, your from Africa? It must be hard.”

Is not racism. That’s just them not knowing better. Ignorance doesn’t equal racism.

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key casually dropping facts