Vetcord Kids


flashbang jesus christ

my eyes


trigger warning next time

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Light mode discord user
(Remove his balls)


what caused this

normal day in vetcord general chat

people pinged vetex a lot and I guess he got more pissed because he was busy deving



me seeing this


:neutral_face: :gun:

flashbang gang

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the bemoaning in the forum is much more refined :sleepy:

Well it looks like I’m not missing much from the Vetcord

Discord light mode isn’t that bad when your eyes get used to it. The problem is when you only use dark mode and see a screenshot of light mode…

Of course warmwater would be the kind of dude to use discord light mode :fr:

how scary that I want my discord to match literally every search engine and site barring the forums

You use white google too?

good heavens. :cold_sweat:

Warm: Let’s make a post on the forums shaming all those kids who pinged Vetex!

The reactions to the image since it’s light mode:

I seriously love how we’re more mad at light mode and warm’s choice to use it rather than the kids who keep spam pinging Vetex