Vetex + community appreciation thread

This is just a small post to thank vetex and some other groups of the community for what they have done.

First and foremost, major appreciation to all members of the community who have remained positive, contributive, and who generally had a good attitude despite whatever situation they faced. This goes towards both the larger pve community who have helped keep the forums in well order, and the non-toxic pvpers who have remained positive despite some of the allegations placed against them.

For the testers and balancers, you have done nothing but contribute to the game in what ways you could. While everyone may not understand the changes you have made, I know that each and every one of you have had nothing but good intentions in your decisions.

And finally, thank you Vetex, for keeping the community up for all these years, for spending days on end working towards your projects. You have been a brilliant dev.

You’re all great unless your name is @farerflare or you’re the man who wronged my entire family’s honour at 20:39 one warm summers evening (July 16th 2022) at a location not too far from Mimhere Island.

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