Vetex, Listen To This, I Beg Of You

For the love of god, add the cat ears and tails for the holloween update. Why you say?
It’s simple, holloween is all about cosplaying and trick or treating so it makes sense that they get added since they’re part of cosplaying.

Pretty much here’s the accessories that are planned and should be added on holloween:
Cat Ears - Level 1-50
Cat Tails - Level 1-50
Bunny Ears - Level 1-50
Bowties - Level 1-50 ( Please, this pairs up with the bunny ears. )
Chef Hats - Level 1-50
Eye Covers - Level 50-200 (Crimson Bandito reskins)

Please prioritize the cat ears, cat tails, bunny ears and bowties. The rest can be optional.

they should be in a easter event

The only ones getting added for the easter event are the bunny ears and bowties so in order to have all of it to be added faster, they can be part of the halloween event since it’s cosplaying.

you forgot the skeletons and spiders

Skeletons and spiders? Havent seen those in the weapon/armor/item ideas.

ehhh, maybe skeletons are too spoopy for a roblox game

then again Piggy exists-

seems legit

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