Vetex PVP Rant

I’m honestly shocked
I’ve never been a pvp doomposter but I still feel guilty about the testers bad thing, I mean it’s really plain to see the need for testers. Obviously Studio to TU to Maingame bugs aren’t his fault, no idea what to think right now, i’ll probably check this post tomorrow morning.


These people are a loud part of the community that complain about things ruining PvP (like that only attack speed beam blast meta we had) being removed and saying that warrior is now op and broken cause it can now have more moves and weapon combos. Even worse, they act like they know what’s best for the games PvP balance when their original thoughts stem from a video from YouTube, with 0 understanding of why a class is the way it is.

I’m actually in support of nerfing unbalanced metas but I get lumped in with people who enjoy them
I want PvP to be something everyone can enjoy with whatever build they’re playing



yeah im pretty excited for the player building thing. If I get to break peoples island buildings down and replace it with my own buildings that’d be so fucking fire.

I also believe that PvP should be accessible to every build and be determined by actual skill, not dumb speed or dumb size or dumb 600+ damage put of nowhere

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I will be able to recreate multiple war crimes with my build if I find even one building :innocent:

yeah theres some pretty crazy stuff being said in the discord

im worried vetex might come to a point where he “snaps” and does something big such as cutting communication or disabling pvp tempoarily

80/20 rule. You’ll have 80% of people be super nice, and 20% of loud people who complain, bicker and whine. It’s unfortunately a general rule that no matter what, people will be this way and it’s sad. It’s important not to let the 20% influence what happens and ruin it all for the 80%. I think Vetex is trying the best he can and honestly shouldn’t at MOST spend a SINGLE day if balances are game breaking but other than that it doesn’t really matter.

90% of balances won’t effect you unless you’re the 10% of the playerbase that likes to run around jumping people, metamancing, or being annoying.

this one is my favourite one


general got locked gg

this has to be satire

You know, I think weekly wiping fame is fair, like Tarkov wipe, players will have the chance to rose through the rank.

Maybe increasing it to monthly?

I don’t see any bad about wiping fame

I know the most I’ve done (that I remember) is dissing on the B-Team when the Attack Speed nerf was suggested, but I still feel like I’m a part of the crowd responsible (namely the ones going ham in general post-rant), and I feel myself going into my sort of panic mode when somebody’s pissed off. I get scared shitless when somebody looks even slightly tilted.

I miiight be more fucked in the head than I thought. Also I’m betting 50K Galleons that Vetcord’s going to go the Daybreak route, i.e. going read-only outside of a few channels like player reports.

At the end of the day it’s just a number with no real value, I don’t see why anyone would have any issues with wiping it

My personal take


tbf, if ur in GN or AS, you get some really cool unique drip for certain leaderboard milestones. the title is meh.

Honestly, I just wished you could use your own drip in place of marine attire