Vetex should add an new reaction

vetex should add the :skull: reaction.
change my mind.

Everybody putting a skull emoji in their messages to make it look funny I can’t stand these kids anymore oh my days :skull:

we should replace all emojs with their fr counterpart
I want to :frhigh: react people


Forums would be better if they brought back the straw-cat emoji
I need the Lord to bring that back…

:neutral_face:bro got the whole forums laughin ah face


Vetex should add the :-1: reaction.
Change my mind


add :thinking: and :fr:

I know its actually childish :skull:

:japanese_ogre::fearful::neutral_face: :confounded: :face_holding_back_tears:

faces that need to be on forum reactions

Nah, just add every emoji

please make :moyai: a reaction

I beg