Vetex's rant on PvP (my take)

Dawg why did you bring his parents into this?

  1. I should’ve used a different word, but I meant vital as in its the only reason a lot of people still play the game due to the lack of other content. The community discourse is a product of that

  2. I agree, a lot of people only play the PvE content and are content with that. But like you said, PvP is, at the moment, the endgame. My point is that until new changes come (and I don’t see a lot coming soon) it will stay that way and if it is neglected, it will create a negative experience for a lot of people.

  3. Not entirely, no.

  4. A valid opinion, just one I don’t agree with

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It’s a core part of the game only from your perspective as a pvper though. When you get on the game just to pvp, it doesn’t look like much else from there.

I agree that pvp ends up being the incentive for quite a few people to pve because you need the best gear possible to have a better edge.

But there’s a small portion of people who actually get onto the game solely to get better at the pvp.

I have some friends with hundreds of hours who just did PvE and once they finished, they just played another roblox game. If you hover your mouse over player names, you’ll see that there aren’t a ton of pvp enthusiasts.

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tbh, probably true. but I feel like these numbers are overrepresented. I don’t talk or lurk Vetex’s discord / balancecord very much, but when I do it’s usually the same people complaining about the balance team (that one Liam guy, lmao) or posting memes about balance bugs

i used to really enjoy Arcane Odyssey PvP, but as renown kept getting reset + the deckhands update + multiple toning downs to my build, I’ve kind of lost the drive to PvP. RKing is extremely boring + i cba to scavenge around for Elysium servers. This game’s PvP scene isn’t really for someone like me and that’s fine.

I would most definitely grind the PvE if it were larger, but it just isn’t. I’m gonna seriously revisit the game in like a year or so when there’s a boatload of story content to get into.

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Finally, an actual PvPer post that doesn’t feel immature and ignorant as frick. I thank you for gracing me with your presence. Now I shall respond without progressively getting angrier overtime.

He already acknowledged that PvP is important, no need to go into this further.

Nitpick: That’s only half the answer. PvE aspects are for both PvP and PvE.

Good point, but then again a crap ton of people hopped on the forums to flame Vetex and testers for the absolute fiasco known as the Nimbus Sea Update.

While yes, Vetex should’ve been more careful and a screw-up on this scale is baffling, this doesn’t really leave a good taste in someone’s mouth.

Yes. If you don’t like a game or how it’s going, there’s nothing holding you back from leaving it behind. No one rational will judge you for it, and those who do are just idiots.

…Toxic PvE Players? New to me, m8.

Overall this post is pretty valid imo. :+1:

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“Actually, the main purposes of all the PvE content mentioned above are for better gear. But what is pretty much the only use for this better gear? The answer is PvP. All of the PvE aspects are innately for PvP purposes.”

I have to disagree here because its clear AO is an RPG. Higher level gear is needed to access higher level content and progress the main quests/side quests. PVP is essentially side-content. It’s true that in the current state of the game, PVP is the only real endgame activity, but its because the real endgame content is not added in. PVP will probably matter less to people once there’s more replayable, high level content.

Not his parents specifically, I’m taking about these toxic kids Vetex was referring to in general

toxicity is not something inherently engraved into a portion of the community, its rather engraved into people. i’ve been told to off myself from both the PvE and PvP sides of the community, so I truly agree with you when you awknowledge this

i think generalizing a whole portion (also the most active) of your community isn’t the right thing to do, but from his perspective, is kind of justified when you truly see how many doomposters there are in the AO community. people who aren’t even remotely good at PvP will go into servers and begin doomposting the second their build gets nerfed.

i think the best solution for him to realize that this ISN’T his PvP community is for him to understand that these type of people exist in every single game community known to man. Valorant, R6, Overwatch, Fortnite, and even Minecraft all have community members spreading false information and hate regarding every update that does not suit their standards.

as a developer, his best step is to just ignore these people, especially if he is CERTAIN they are speaking irrationally or saying things that just aren’t true. in order for us to prevent this, the best we can do is call those people out as soon as they begin spreading nonsense.

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