Vetex's Rant (PVP & BALACING)

Thoughts? :thinking:


ultimate art: aether lightning rage!

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Can’t say anything
Vetex was cooking with this one :speaking_head:

also it’s nice to see the problems pointed out because I saw like three videos blasting testers or balancing without doing any full research like “I should be tester I’d be better” problems or stuff like that. There might be like a slight number of testers who do that but not much in the mist of being out-right removed

people watching those videos are most likely gonna agree
community :fire:


Thoughts are I’m glad to see he hates PvP just about as much as any other normal person, it’s def annoying as hell in terms of constantly having to balance and the fanbases it brings with it are normally really bad. I genuinely wouldn’t mind to see PvP get dropped or be something you can toggle (with a buffer so it can’t be abused)

Infact no PvP would be awesome

And also yea the people saying they’d be a better tester and that the current testers suck or things like that are kinda just stupid I won’t lie, it’s such toxic and blind hate lmao


Honestly, vetex openly stating his thoughts on toxic PvPers in the community is a huge W imo. Really sets in stone what he wants to focus on rather than fall in line to people who complain when something doesn’t positively affect a minority in the playerbase.

And about the whole debacle with the testing/balance teams, just goes to show how much misinformation can be spread through a community. Glad to see this being squashed too.

Am I allowed to say that I’m proud of Vetex for being transparent with the community?


everyone was gagged

I love how I’ve said this on numerous occassions and almost like 2 seconds later there’s at least 1 sweaty pvphead nollifer who’s flaming me for obviously such a “terrible and pve-pilled mindset” or something like that

the pve v. pvp community civil war is nigh, take the little ones to the bunkers and prepare for war


See it’s crazy how basically every normal-minded individual believes PvP is either cringe, lame, whatever, or could really be left behind, and then there’s just

“ur mindset sucks pvp is fun maybe u just need to not suck bozo”


I hate how people who don’t play a lot of builds other than the meta ones and their original thoughts are coming from a YouTube video, are so loud and aggressive about balance

y’know the easiest way around this entire thing is just make pvp accessible in places like Elysium or private servers, while the main game can be PvE focused (as intended) and balancing can be always worried about later as more energy can be redirected into development efforts

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Actually I’m replying to myself for this one cause I think it’s lame as hell that I had to reset my rep cause it made me a target for basically every other player in a server cause I had 100k infamy purely because I wanted to hold onto a kill on a cringe war saint I got back when surge came out

Minor gripe for sure but good lord now I’m back to neutral bounty and literally no one messes with me, I just wanted to hold onto a war crime list :confused:

(I also didn’t do PvP to get to 100k infamy, fyi)


That could work yeah

you know, the funny thing is, I actually really do like pvp

sure I’m not the best at it but I don’t actively despise it, but it really would be better for the game if pvp wasn’t included in normal servers and could become truly second in mind side content for bored people :man_shrugging:

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I actually disagree with this for one reason only, it is boring to fight on Elysium or an arena. It just looks better to fight on a Sahara desert or on top of a mountain and even making the fight change scenery by going through towns and stuff

the joys of the private server:

(Now it has that potential to be great, but people would call you a runner if you go that route of changing scenery)

Maybe a PvP only server, identical to main, but PvP enabled

Like story stuff would be going normally, but you would have PvP enabled

I feel like something is going to go horribly wrong in this thread extremely soon.