Vindicator theory

So the knight at munera garden says that 2 people of great power fought there and broke the arena. He then goes on to say that it seemed as if one of the two came back to repair the arena but disappeared one day randomly.

Now i believe that the Owned of the vindicator was one of these 2, specifically the one who went back to repair it.
and im gonna use the weapon and its description to support this.
first of all im assuming you have all seen the weapons Q attack. Definitely capable of destruction and we havent even seen the ultimate art yet.
2nd of all the weapons description states that the user mysteriously disappeared one day which matches with the knight at muneras story where he states that they disappeared halfway through the repairs.

What do you think?

Vindicator was held by a grand navy member previously

yeah i know

It might be edwards weapon

oh shit ur right

yeah was kinda thinking the same at first, then again it’s hard to tell, Edward wasn’t a particularly high rank I don’t think as he didn’t serve in the GN for more than a few years, not to mention this seems like an older tale as the desc mentions that “Legends say…”

I defo think it could be one of the two who dueled at Munera long ago, but I doubt it’s Edward

they used it to hammer in the nails when repairing

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so this is what vet meant when he was talking about tool evolutions and progression …

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I doubt it would be from munera. It might have been from a commodore.

Check munera secret ;)

Winterveil so probably during rebuilding nero also nuked the builders of munera or whenever they came back they still got nuked

it wasnt winterveil though, winterveil was down near akursius keep it was just ruled by winterveil a long time ago

Im not going to bother explaining everything

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