Vine magic

So plant magic has been discussed a couple times in the past and people say it’s not possible because it’s a living thing.
So why can’t vine magic exist?
If wood magic exists why can’t vine magic exist.
Both are a part of a plant (a living thing)
So why can’t vine magic be a lost magic

because it would be hard to program

I don’t think it would be much harder to program than other magics. More so animating it would be the problem

But something being hard to implement shouldn’t be used as an excuse to not add it unless it is undoable or extremely difficult to the point where it wastes a large portion of development time which i don’t think vine magic would do compared to other magics

wood magic is the material wood, not the living plant

it’s like a table, not a tree


Still made up of plant cells
Like saying bone is the bone of a corpse, not the bone on a human body so there should be a bone magic.

do it for the Vine

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leaf magic when
im sorry for shooting down that suggestion i actually kinda want it now even if its highly specific

If you use the same logic applied to wood and talk about a leaf as the material of a leaf once it’s fallen off the tree there’s no reason it shouldn’t be a thing

the original suggestion was a replacement for paper magic, so it was both easy to add and made some sense

Wood magic

Because there’s already plenty of lost magics and vines don’t really bring that much to the table unique mechanic wise that others don’t already

Yes it does.
Vine magic could be based off of trapping and tangling your opponent.
It would give a status effect that slows opponents movement for a short time. This status effect could have vines around the opponents body.
ANother attack could leave opponents trapped in a vine tangle for short period of time.
That brings a lot more to the table than most other lost magics

not gonna lie, that sounds exactly like how gravity would work with a plant skin laid on top of it

Plant Magic should be a thing, and a base magic at that

and also every magic is just mimicking the real thing, of course it isn’t alive

Except it would be through traps

Grass magic, gives the target the ‘leafy’ or ‘green’ status effect

This status effect would have a lot of unique properties like dissipating when hit by fire magic or consistently boosting explosion’s damage

Ngl that’s exactly what I thought just give it cool visuals and status something like “thorns” where it’d obviously just do DoT or something a little different since it is Vines, where it’s kind of like Crystal every hit would add a vine to the enemy making them slow down and the more vines they have the slower their movements then on the 5th hit they get a status like Frozen called Entangled making them unable to move

Something akin to briar shrubs/vines would be really neat imo. I think making the visuals for a magic like this would be difficult but I’ve always been a fan of the aesthetic.

As far as lore goes, it’d fall into the same category as wood, where it’s so specific that it’s not actually immitating plant-life. It’s just spiky tendrils/bundles.