Vine Style | Fighting Style Concept

Vine Style | Fighting Style Concept
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Vine Style
Vine Style is a fighting style based off of the concept of using nature and its magical properties to your advantage.

Founder & Explanation

Founded by a researcher of magic in the Nimbus Sea, Vesna Aves discovered that not only is magic present in the seas, but in the nature around us in small quantities. Having a natural affinity for magic but not able to produce the casting circles, she found that using her abilities she could bend the power of vines to her will using the magic within. Permanently binding the vines to her arms, she created a fighting style to compensate for her lack of magic for defense and fame. The vines are kept alive by your energy and somewhat fuse with your conscience as its magic binds with yours.


Vines will always surround your hands and eventually cover more areas like arms and hair with more mastery, undying due to the energy in your body. The more you hit your enemy, the more range you get with your vines as they feed off of other’s energy, growing as their energy pool grows larger. Basically, deal damage = more range.
Your vines will wane against heat based magics and corrosive magics such as poison and acid. They will also wane as you take more damage, decreasing their range.
If you hit your opponent three times within a short amount of time, they will gain a “Tangled” status effect which temporarily offs their movement, making every surface slippery until it wears off. This is because every hit, you wrap your opponent in vines. Doing this in short succession before they can break them off will cause them to get tangled in the vines.

Changed Moves
  • Rushdown = Rushdown (if hit) will cause you to swing your enemy around with your vines before throwing them hard against the ground or a corresponding wall.
  • Dodge Reflex = This will be a simple animation change where it is a burst reflex but your will launch off your vines instead of the standard animation. If you have over 50 agility, it will change to a flash reflex and will display a green and instant tp instead.
    Shot - Use your increased strength to throw out a whip-like vine towards your opponent.
Obtaining Vine Style

Vine style will be obtainable through a quest in the Nimbus Sea in the Red Market (a fan made POI which I am modelling, if it doesn’t get added, it can go anywhere else). You can find the founder, Vesna Aves, there who offers you a quest to defeat a level 160 Assassin Sponsor under the Market. She relinquishes control of the vines onto you, giving you basic mastery of the fighting style regardless of class, allowing you temporary access to Vine Style. To prevent this being exploited, you are timed with only 10 minutes to complete the quest and if you leave the game or reset, your vines will disappear until you re-enter the market’s basement. After fighting your way through a few rooms of Assassin Sponsors and lvl 60 sponsors, you will find the lvl 160 Sponsor at the end of it. At this point you should already have at least Apprentice mastery. Defeating him should be pretty easy. When you return to Aves, she will ask you if you want to learn Vine Style. If you say yes, you will keep the vines, if not, your vines will disintegrate and reappear on her arms.

If you have any feedback, feel free to post your constructive criticism below.
If you would like to hear more about the Red Market, tell me that as well!

Also for anyone saying “It doesnt fit AO, magic doesn’t fit in nature!” May I introduce you to Sailor Style and coating ur literal leg in fucking metal?


ok but how would non-fstyle builds do the quest for nimbus sea explorer

You dont need to have any points invested in strength to do the quest, you can use your current build, you will get the ability to use crash on the Vine Style anyways regardless.

you might be forgetting that non-strength builds lose the ability to use fstyles at awakening

Its a temporary tool, you can still get it via quest

ok when doing the quest can you still use things other than the vine style? or are you locked to something you only have 1 move on if you’re not a strength build

You can use anything, its just to get a feel for the style :slight_smile:

ah ok ty i was confused, in that case
reasonability is low because usually (and by usually i mean every time) a fstyle is suggested it doesnt get added

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:frowning: why the only 2/5 for reasonability tho?

This sounds goofy love it

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Tyy my OC (Vesna) is very goofy

Why only 50 agility for the TP lol

reminds me of Kakuzu from Naruto

It could be changed

Puppet Style would actually be cool ASF but I doubt it’d be added

cool concept but theres no way its happenin lol
also ew ai


Sorry bout the AI I can’t draw :pensive:

Also it may be considered if I model the Red Market to go with it

Remember when magics/fighting style suggestions got into the actual game?

me neither. :pensive:

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Lmao that’s fact