Vinegrip | Fighting Style Revamp!

Vinegrip | Fighting Style Revamp!
effort 4.5 6 quality 4.4 5 reasonability 4.4 5

btw, have you figured it out yet?
(good anti-mage fighting style btw)

Well it’s definitely an aggressive fighting style and it can pull turret mages closer so it depends on how you play it

got it


still havent figured out how to change quotes?

No I know how to

good, now ill go and wreck havoc for once

Bump, just to show off something that functions somewhat similarly to this Fighting Style’s concept.

yeah! Its definitely like that but in AO style :speaking_head:

Is this a basic or lost fs anyways overall good


Bro is still not gonna clarify his low ratings :confused:

Also before you say “omg it’s a weapon not a fs!! :nerd_face:


Oh you’re still worked up about that? It’s because I don’t think it’s a good idea to let people boost their max energy, steal energy, and have a move to pull people in all in one fighting style like that with the quality rating and with effort, I’ve seen much more in depth idea descriptions that’s all. With something like this it would at least have to be a lost fighting style given all the advantages it would give you (energy advantage, range, position control, and bleeding all in one). This fighting style has a lot of advantages and no clear disadvantages since every stat is average and there’s no real catch to using it like say Vampirism’s daylight overheating.

Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of a whip-like fighting style, but it’s just a bit half baked of an idea and needs to have a downside.

It has below average power stats, plus it took a lot of effort to make the fighting style even over several revisions, boosting their max energy will only be temporary as the next M1 will delete all overused energy and exceeding over 15% of your max energy will cause you to take drawback damage. And yes of course it’s a lost fighting style

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