Vinegrip | Fighting Style Revamp!

Vinegrip | Fighting Style Revamp!
effort 4.5 6 quality 4.4 5 reasonability 4.4 5


A method of combat developed by adventurers lost in the Dark Seas, wrapping their hands in thorned vines that were soaked in magic-polluted waters, allowing them to whip, grasp, and absorb energy from enemies.


  • Stats: Below Average Damage, Average Size, Average Speed
  • Status: Bleeding (33% damage threshold)


  • Damaging enemies will steal 3% of their energy and grant 3% energy to you, increasing your maximum energy capacity by the same amount.
  • %-based energy costs will not factor in this added energy, to prevent the energy cost of your attacks increasing
  • M1s are changed into a whip-strike. The range would scale with how much added maximum energy the vines have absorbed and start depleting your added maximum energy. M1s themselves don’t siphon energy from enemies.
  • On your energy bar, the % of your maximum energy that was added by the fstyle would be textured with vines (similar to how a % of your healthbar is turned red when you have an injury)
  • If the user’s maximum energy increases up to 25% larger than normal, performing an m1 would launch a long vine forward that pulls in anyone that it hits and depletes all the user’s added energy in the process.
  • Exceeding over 25% energy will perform drawback damage on each offensive move until energy is depleted below 25% or a grip is performed.
  • The vine textures on your energy bar would begin to glow

With @Fluect this idea was revamped from the original Vine Style | Fighting Style Concept (W/ animations!)

The vanity for this will have a glove made of vines with several vines hanging down like whips and will have a similar walking animation to claws.


ok :+1:

ok :+1:

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While this is a fun idea I don’t really see how leeching energy would make much sense, especially given that Wave Magic is intended to be the definitive energy absorbing magic down the line (if it’s still going to be added anyways). Would make more sense for a fighting style themed around the use of vines to have poison-like effects. Still, I like the idea and would enjoy seeing something similar to this with whip-like attacks in the game in the future.

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It leeches energy because it’s literally a fighting style from the dark sea that feasts off of magic as a source of energy :skull:

also why did you mark effort and quality so low

give up


why u bein a hater

If it hasn’t been accepted the last two times, why do you think it’ll work on the third attempt?

because, Fluect, the one who made it put it on the official suggestions doc which was endorsed by vetex

Because of how sea energy works, the vines soaked up dark sea salt, which has significantly more energy in it than normal, as for why it takes in magic energy, it’s because that’s what the water in the dark sea does.

As for the suggestion: it’s definitely unique and it would be interesting to fight, as for how good it would be, that is iffy, but it doesn’t have to be meta anyway.

I like that it actually gives M1s some usefulness. They lose almost all utility once you’re done with the very early progression.

Energy sapping is definitely an interesting feature that could add some new depth to combat, and would make for some cool plays. It would be a nice pairing with Vampirism, methinks.

I’m assuming this would be a Lost FS that we learn from a scroll instead of a normal one we’d learn from a master, yeah? Since folks don’t really go into the Dark Sea in-canon(and return fully intact, that is).

Also, does this style correspond to an element(like wood) or is it elementally neutral?


How is it going to work for Warlord?


(Complete sentence)

You can apply the effect to your weapons, it increases their size the more energy you have and has the same grip effect on m1s

Well seeing as we don’t have plant magic yet I’ll call it neutral for now

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probably the best to tell an mod to fix this or should i have fun

Well :face_with_monocle: