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Feedback are appreciated, you can post your in game characters in reply i might draw it later.


Your shading is amazing

Also here’s my WoM character Gale Anchor

Clearer image
Gale Anchor2

Looks great! That creepy expression on the second one is :ok_hand:

Anyways, here’s my WoM character Sylvia Ketch!
(Unfortunately this blurry af picture is the only in game ref I have of her. I do have quite a couple drawings of her that work as references too though)

EDIT: She uses light magic

nice work
anyways, here’s my ocs
remus grey
dave water
esmael rust

Magic for each OCs?

Man everyone’s gonna be posting characters now

Including me

This is my “main” character even though I use another one like twice as much. Name is Ronan Booth. The hair is supposed to look like a flame.

Obviously, he uses fire magic.

none, weapon main

bro i love the “clean sketch” look of your linework

but here’s the basic blue lightning user dan clay, feel free to skip if you get overburdened

dan clay

My oc uses Ice Magic like a boss

Mai the Ash bitch

  • Black wizard stuff
  • Black valk helm
  • Black scarf
  • Black/gray eyes
  • Black hair
  • Keihatsu bitch

(Insert edgy description here)

oooh nice art!

since everyone else seems to be doing it, here’s my hero main Adrian Calding who aims to become the greatest adventurer who ever lived
he tried to cause a questionable distraction in Ironport so he could steal a boat and go on an adventure because no one would sell a 14 year old a boat
and ends up going to jail because he led the minotaur there by accident and gets kicked out of Ironport
now he goes on a journey to get unexiled from Ironport

also beat up some bad guys too I guess

(also he uses yellow lightning because I am uncreative)

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edit : accidently click reply when writing

I’m not familiar with the color pallete, so it might not look as good as the other art.


Thanks dude, awesome job!

My OC uses fire - Komi Gates

Komi/Deviable is also a part of our 5v5 squad :slight_smile:

Is that a female OC, or male with long hair.

Wow. Really awesome. Thanks!

female oc, woops

Edward Stone

He viewed as a weirdo Captain due to him preferring to use his physical power than magic, he’s a strong wind user but only uses his magic when it’s necessary

dunno if you still accepting

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