Visual Novel

I’ve just started wrapping up a visual novel system for Roblox and I’m eager to try it out. I’m kinda terrible at creating my own stories tho, so I’ll probably need help with that.

I guess I could also create VNs for yalls writing too, if you’d like. Honestly, I’d like to make a better written version of AO’s story since it’s not exactly great in its current state.


@Seasoned_Writer yo

how dare you ping :rage:

You have alerted the horde.



anyways here’s what the VN system currently looks like

granted it’s not perfectly completed yet (still need camera stuff) but implementing all of that should be trivial

Oh no…

Using Bandicam in 2024?!

OBS is much better, free, and doesn’t have an annoying-ass watermark.

roblox coder!1!1!!1!1!1!11??1??1?1

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okay noted

I updated the UI to be more Visual Novel-y



If it becomes like an actual VN game, ping me, I’ll play.

Hey! I know I’m new but I’m a writer and I’d gladly like to help! Up to you, though! :smile:

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