Vitality Items and Regenration stat


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I am entering the heavens with this

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We once again have something useful for us. .


Now here’s a question, will gems/enchants be able to grant the regeneration stat?

But I thought vitality set is gonna be some stalwart heavy armor, not some thin robes

Defesne no longer scales with max health, it scales with “base” health, but regeneration probably will scale off max health

Makes me curious if that new regeneration stat is involved with the armor.

Would make sense as a way and method to make spirit weps not hurt as much down the line.

Given the fact that the only mention of spirit weapons is from a ghost npc that refers to the uses as “priests” it makes sense they’re robes

Anyway, these are called “Oracle” items. I hope all vitality users are not basically mad ass cultists throwing imaginary shit into enemies

A bit off topic, but here’s vet explained spirit weapons

This does go well with that chart, so basicly, vitality is the only “unqiue” one, as it is not tied to energy like f.s. ; weapons or magic


Oh, that explains a lot. I am a god’s descendant bois. Or just a god. I like both

I like how it also gives me the impression that Vitality users are so durable and tanky on their own.

That full plate armor would be a wasted investment, and it’d be better to just wear drip. But something you can wear regardless of this fact though.

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Given the fact that, without any defense and only a vitality investment of 100, can get you to 1368 base hp. They probably are built different when compared to your average adventurer

So, if vitality can only be used by someone with god’s blood, does that reveal us some info about mc’s past or we can use them just bc poseidon gave us his soul?

In the lore we are savant, so imagine what kind of cocktail our bloodline is.
Mage…God’s blood…Weapon Mastery…Endurance of fighting styles…


And some Order brews they injected into us. Hope these weren’t some sort of sus things… or wait, something ain’t right

In that case I feel like spirit weapons will act less like weapons do and more like wands or staffs for channelling spirit energy

My head cannon is that out of the imbues, warriors aura imbue is the strongest due to it using pure magic energy from the surroundings, fs imbue and magic imbue come second but they have fs and magic to make up for it

Physical weaponry with spirit energy channeled into them are undoubtly knight items. Pure spirit weapons should just be a concentrated spirit energy shaped into some familiar for the user form

Will there actually be different types of spirit weapon for each vitality subclass? I assumed it would be the same for all and wardens would be able to have more than others

Well, juggernauts and paladins are gonna get their own things just like conjurers and warlords.
Warlocks are promised to get magic techniques, so I guess paladins gonna get the ability to shoot spells made from mix of spirit energy and their magic (one is chaos, other is life, kinda questionable mix).
Juggernauts will prob deny intangibility of spirit weps and gonna use them with their own hands