Voxlblade 2…. IN A WEEK‼️

Voxlblade is coming back

If you don’t know what voxlblade is god save your soul…


im going to be kitsune catgirl felinor race whos with me :333

why thank you

I only want to be that race for the movement speed boost, my speed build will make its return

shut up arborian is better

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I will hunt you down.
Orks are winning.

Utter facts tbh

have fun being the only race with a debuff lmao
orcs winning we get no stun as a racial passive

17 hour late alarm clock says voxlblade 2 is here

played it for an hour or so and shit is pretty boring ngl the whole time it felt like i was playing a bandit beater, gotta give it credit the visuals are unique though :person_shrugging:

I guess that makes 2 bandit beaters that released this weak (Pixel Piece)

voxlblade is kill again.

I wouldnt say its a bandit beater since the pve does require you to think and not just mindlessly spam m1, but yeah there’s nothing to do other than level up so the game is a massive grind. Unique power system, nice art style and environment, customizable builds, fun to explore, overall one of the better RPGs on the platform it just needs more diverse content so I’m not just grinding monsters the whole time.

I played it today and it’s alright. Probably won’t touch it again when AO comes out, didn’t like it too much. But hey, hope you voxlbladers have a fun time.

personally, I enjoyed it.

I’ll admit there were a few balancing issues, some sword pieces felt like downgrades (katana), traversal wasn’t great, and leveling became more of a chore than not past 20, however, its open testing for a reason.
I’m just glad that these issues will probably be addressed before full release.

It was definitely a bit of a slog after awhile with the grinding, but it wasn’t that bad imo.
I would definitely not call it a bandit beater, but yeah overall it was fun.

I hope the major issues are addressed before full release

travelling sucked and I wore full bunny gear including two legendary parts and upgrades

remember that full release will have mounts.
there was a mount in the testing phase but you needed a high crafting level and 50 slizzard chunks to get it.

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