Vs Iris 2

Took this from one of the pages I was working on since i gotta post something special for valentines

“Almost done i think” said to myself probably 6 times already while drawing this chapter but yeah i think its almost done

Iris is heavily referenced by a gogeta drawing from chry_insi_art on twitter

anyways happy easter everyone


Good shit, probably one of my favorite pieces of Iris art on the forums :poggers2:


I love the portrayal of Iris as just a badass, much better than what most people go for.

Also the magic circle looking so nice is one of my favorite details within it

yeah i immediately think to myself “she looks like a dragon ball character” when i saw Iris in your art lol

nice art


This is great eye candy!

Damn this is amazing

damn the crazy wizard fight lookin crazyy


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She look like she gonna solo goku fr

This looks epic as frick man, you did a great job with this!

No wonder I was thinking of Dragon Ball. You’ve made something really freaking epic!!! Please make more!!!

Bro the lighting is actually so good

i solo iris no dif

image I will gladly come for you my sweet woman :heart_eyes: