W or L boat build

why dont you have LANTERNS

never bothered to make them



this is genuinely so shit, no Edward, sailcloth needs a brisk, and NO LANTERNS OR FIGUREHEAD.


3 issues. I dont want edward, I dont need a figurehead, and I dont need lanterns

I mean like Edward is pretty much hobo

why dont you want edward? also why do people not use the attachments its not making u lose anything (and whats ur deckhand stats)

Massive L due to lack of EDWARD


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Ruby’s simping towards Edward knows no bounds


you’d die of old age before getting from sailors lodge to ravenna

2 things. 1 why does everyone love Edward so much, hes not better than Enizor by any large amount. 2 I dont use boats for anything inside the bronze sea, I just swim at roughly 115 boat speed. Also, I can turn extremely fast, since im swimming.

Its not that I dont want him, I just dont see it worth getting him. I have better things to do, like farming coppershrooms

my guy, it is just fishing 20 fish, and beating a couple marines to death for a stronger boat, it is genuinely just a self nerf if you dont

needs more speed so that ram damage can be put to use :nod:

The most arcane odyssey thing ever said, take a break from your insufferable “not so hard” grinding and please for your own sake get Edward it takes 30 minutes

Why, what does he do what buffs

Also, farming coppershrooms is very fun with a max speed set on the jaws, and yes I know that (imma butcher this name) mt orthyrus is technically more efficent