W or L trade?

Just traded 96000 galleons for 4 dense scrolls, 1 explosive, and 1 acrimony

L trade but not by too much. Dense is pretty in demand due to it being the best enchant on a lot of weapons and a lot of weapons got wiped. Explosive is pretty mid and the acrimony is nice but not too valuable atm due to everyone getting a free stat reset.

But 96k galleons isnt as much as it used to be either so imo this is an L but not too big of an L

i personally would say its a w because i dont value galleons that much

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tbf if you have no use for galleons and youre not planning to use them to actively search for profitable trades then i agree
but if he does have the time and wants to put in the effort then he couldve gotten a good bit more for whats basically 100k galleons

96k galleons? bit of an L trade since the average price of a DS tier-2 scroll is ~10k (where liquidity really matters) and those scrolls are on the lower side of that average. Besides that, I can see acromonies still going for 50k if you are desperate.

96k is kinda chump change to me, I don’t know if y’all are just all broke or you just all overvalue galleons

Its relative on how high a percent that chunk of money is of your savings. People who have a lot of galleons from purely cargo running are going to be tempted to throw more around for higher liquidity (bigger offer, higher chance for someone to say yes).

Ok so its the former

In a crass oversimplification, yes. More like, people go for the item directly with the extra passive income, versus getting the money in order to buy it.