Wait, Alts are Bannable?

Wait why, and how is this even detected

One Word. Actually, Two: Computer IPs
don’t worry, the admins don’t know where you live
it’s just that your computer has like a string of numbers or something that’s tied to the account your using to access the forums and what device is being used to access it.
if 2 accounts share the same string, they’re likely alts due to the device likely being used by the same person.

or at least I think that’s how it works

People make them to use the forums while being banned or to troll without being banned.



Oh so i wont be banned if i have a sibling with the same ip? Thats good to know


What did RB1 do again i forgor

made a bunch of alts


what did rb1 even do to get banned in the first place lmao

i’m p sure he was just derailing a topic idek but the mods gave him like a short suspension and instead of waiting it out he made an alt to keep trolling, and then another one after that one was found, and then another one, and then another one, and then another one and on and on. Basically as long as you and your sibling don’t cause trouble like that it’s fine lmfao

the forum mods have your internet protocol
be afraid

They actually do, it shows your actual ip

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@fish Guess you’re gonna have to stop posting on @WarmWater.
It would be really embarrassing if this is incorrect but I’m like 60% sure you’re the same person.

yes it is in fact incorrect im not an alt of fish
source: what am I even meant to say im not an alt of fish

I guess ask baba junior or userofwind?

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My alter ego is lying, we are infact 60% the same person

Pretty sure we can run it through stuff to find that out, yeah. Not sure why we would ever need to though.

i’ve encountered some people who warnered it, be it for the safety of the site and its users along with possibly the person in question

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I’m alt of myself
it’s my alts alt (main)

An IP address doesn’t give away your exact location anyway, though it can get your country and maybe state/city right?

Yeah IP addresses don’t show your exact location, just the city, zip code, and area code(which are the first three digits of a phone number)