WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN. (minotaur f.art)

sooooo i tried drawing minotaur with ancient Egypt art style.
i usually do traditional art and i’m new to this painting program so idk how to make cool effects.

bonus : exiled x bread boys B)

smol bonus


Love the artstyle!

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Minotaur strut

Bruvh u made me go through websites just to find what the hell is strut

Oh shit, you’re Linus Grey? I think I’ve seen you in WoM

Yes i do remember fighting you in wom, u rekt me hard e.e

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It’s okay, all part of the WoM experience

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Epic expanded vocab moment :sunglasses:

YO! ngl, when i see the title i thought it says FART :dash: :dash: :dash:
(but then, ooohhhh f.art… my bad lol :rofl:)

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necro but okchamp

One of the weirdest necrobumps i’ve seen

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Only now do I see this legendary post of The Exiled being a Bread Boy.

The hiroglyph style is also very impressive, but still
bread boys bro

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oh god why did this one gets necrobumped…


funny egyptian mino

shotgun exiled what he gonna do

Well now that everyone’s hopping on I might as well come too. Nostalgia time :frcryin:

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its awkward seeing your old post got bumped…
especially this one :frcryin:

aug 20… almost a year aint it

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Really crazy seeing how time has passed haha… and how all of us have changed since then, too