Walking animation glitch

I’ve had this glitch where my characters always stuck in the walking animation
It doesn’t fix if I die or rejoin
Please help if anyone knows how to fix this glitch

roblox animations glitchy across a variety of games iirc

Is there any way I can fix it?

don’t know

buy an animation pack and use that instead?

I’ll do that as a last resort, but i really don’t feel like spending money rn, hopefully someone else finds a solution

I think that’s just a kind of dance that he’s doing because he’s bored.

It’s broken even more when you actually walk, it just looks like your bouncing from behind.

Emotes are jank too.
Also, it sounds like you’ve had this glitch before, do you have a fix?


Also is that guy drunk?

Most likely yes lol

im going to put this in #bug-reports k

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Sorry to necro this but I believe that multiple games were having walking animation glitches. This is simply another one.

its not the animation, its vetex’s code

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