Want to be featured in Femtex: The Final Battle?

I decided to change something up last minute and I think it’s for the better. I had the idea of having forumers being featured in the last part of the finale as I’m thinking it would better serve the story. So, if you want to be in it, just fill out this form! There’s no set time limit at the moment, so take your time as I want to make sure everyone who wants to be in it gets in.

This forum will close November 22nd



Fencing needs more representation in Modern Society.
Such a shame that genuine swordfighting is ignored so much.

Like, what is singing some lame song gonna do against cold, hard, steel?

Let me in

Swords are for losers

-Said noone who has ever fenced

Oof I had no idea you guys could see the other responses. I’ll turn it off to keep them a surprise

what is the femtex battle

they will destroy people’s eardrums

I think my last response got removed or smth so I resubmitted.

Oh boi, can’t wait to be a background character

Oh yeah can I get a revolver too?

Scaring femtex with nonexistent confidence since 2024

(umbrella academy spoilers)


What are the options for femtexes

Literally any you can think of

Hmm… I did post one in that topic I think you made ages ago, but got warned for it so I’ll think of another one

Everyone is a background character
(Their in the background because if they were the main, they would be too op)

am i too op? did i get denied?