War Declared! And opinion on world conquest

World Conquest into flames! World of Magic/AO will be a true phoenix. Bring down agentjobo!

Send your opinions

I got a buddy who is fairly known in their community. She is a smart girl she kinda just dominated in little sessions they did. Now she just plays Rise of Nations and has a fairly high success rate. Honestly I envy her mind.

She hates this community too and often bullied people in and from it lol

Oh shit, we’re at war? Men, prepare the magic scrolls! Lets do this.

Comrades get ready

I played it before the community is toxic trust me

Wasn’t the community always hyper strict?


Are we gonna raid it

wtf stop trying to instigate shit or ur just as toxic as them

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We can close this post now

No, and I think we’re gonna get banned for doing so anyways

dnc (do not care)

ok thank god