Warden everything you need to know

Wardens, the seemingly worse build in arcane odyssey but it might not be so bad. They get huge health meaning they can survive even in the most dangerous of threats. They are frowned upon because of the lack of damage.

To become a warden….

To become a warden you need to invest over 60% points into vitally but real wardens invest all their points into vitally.


Wardens get a slight magic/weapon/fighting style damage boost along with 10% damage reduction twice which is a total of 20% damage reduction from all sources.

There is a chance this will change

Post release

Wardens will get a set of weapons called spirit weapons which scales with vitally post release, giving it a good source of damage so don’t give up on wardens now.

Gear/ strategy

The item stats you mainly want to use with wardens are either defense or power. If you are using power you are using a spirit weapons weapon. (Completely assuming spirit weapons also scale with power as well) Your main goal with warden is to use spirit weapons let me break down how to use them:

  1. Wait 10 years for them to release while doing this get your grubby hands on whatever’s meta for wardens
  2. Get you’re hands on a spirit weapon when they release
  3. Spam weapon skills like a baby
    That’s how you play as warden.

Predictions on what wardens look like

What wardens will look like

Nah nah I’m messing with you this is what they will look like

What wardens will actually look like

They will look like the average player there’s no way of distinctly finding which person is a warden or not.

Will you join the warden gang?

Join the warden gang?
  • Ill make a file B)
  • No warden cringe :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:
  • Ill make it my main file

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Warlock still winning :sunglasses:

Still true.

Hell nah mage winning more

Mage are shit, they can’t be winning , that means they are cheating. Isn’t it obvious ?

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Gigachad Warden


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they can unleash all of their moves on the opponent while tanking their attacks, then die to their opponent still on 97% hp

hell nah wardens gonna get like 3k on release

assuming you put all points in vitality, and that 120 is the level cap for release, wardens will have a health stat of 1,440. I remember that my full defense set in wom gave ~622 health, (though that was just with iron, not sunken/exiled), and with higher levels they could probably be upgraded further. This means that wardens could definitely have 2,000 health with just wom transferred gear and could probably get up to 2.5k or more after some upgrading.

I like warlock because magic imbedded fightings styles sound really cool and will probably be really useful.

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