Warden will be busted

if u disagree 1v1 me in ao when i am using it.

what if I just get you demoted to an inmate?

what if u shut up xdxXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

Aight let’s fight for 10 minutes again

hey, wait, wasn’t vitality getting removed because it wouldn’t be as viable as the other builds…?


what if I don’t though?

It’ll be hard to kill, however I’m not so sure about it being busted.

If we’re talking about busted, then look at the Conjurer (magic/weapons). Arcanium Weapons and Lost/Primordial Magics.

rip sparky :pray:

Wouldn’t be against it too, its so underwhelming

same thing

Yeah Warden’s pretty op tbh.

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Can’t really see warden being busted unless guns get added and act the exact same as in AA (don’t scale with anything, very strong in general)

Just fight Warden with Berserker, Wizard, Warlord so you can deal more dmg to their hp and they can’t really do shit cause of their dmg probably trash since they most likely got 10k hp

Yikes. I hadn’t even thought about that.

Yeah, its op.

warlocks with primordial magics and primordial fighting styles tho

That too lol

Arcanium weapons conduct magic which is why I chose Conjurer to begin with.

but like how magic weapons and magic fist only worked with your first magic in AA you’d probably only be able to use your very first and not 2nd 3rd, lost/prims on anything

so all magics apply to magic weapons, you’d think that the same should apply to fighting styles, but tbh we don’t know. Only seems logical though.