Warlock build discussion

what would you guys recommend for me wanting to make a plasma boxing warlock build focusing on insane speed + high damage with a small investment in HP?

(trying to use boxing with a deityabove build)


agile carina set with a cernyx piece
either agile cernyx amulet or strong power amulet

I’d say run cernyx robe, calvus boots, cernyx faulds, hard defense amulet, and carina’s power accessories for the other two slots.

he said small hp thats like 500 def

what would the enchants be?

(also can I use powerful arc instead of a carina acc)

lettuce btw cernyx stuff gives huge defense

I want speed and power

not HP

some HP would be nice but that’s not the focus here

Powerful arcsphere is fair.
Honestly now that you said a little hp, Run Sunken iron chest (or cernyx robe if that’s too much) with hard. Calvus should be powerful as well, and add your powerful arcsphere with a hard miscellaneous accessory. Also, powerful power amulet instead : )

that seems like a lot of hard things :skull:

do cernyx robes give agility?

They give attack speed

I thought you meant attack speed by fast

Also, how about hard sunken iron chest with carina’s leggings, and other things for power? everything else is powerful.

no I mean as in agility

I wanna be zooming around the arena at blistering speeds

overwhelming my opponents as I completely speedblitz them into nothingness

I’ll add calvus’s cape/crown with nimble then, if not enough then maybe windrow pants?

Add those to the sunken iron chest (or cernyx robe) with hard, and powerful stuff.

I originally recommended argos but calvus is much better for size, power, and speed

Run a Carina Agility enchant set with a power arc sphere and hard Cernyx amulet. It should be good enough but then again you have to check for yourself because I haven’t hopped on AO and don’t know how good this build is.

btw the Faulds and shoulder pads give the same stat so replace one of those useless fuckers

You know better than i do lol

its because i learn a lot from one of my friends which is the number 1 monarch sutarpratnium, he also on the forums gr

Meanwhile i’m the most reliable one i know for builds so I just rely on what I think is good instinctively

“Self taught and not half bad, but you still don’t know the art of Min Maxxing!”

Correction: I suck at minmaxing, but i run an argos helmet instead of cernyx faulds on my mage so i have 50 attack speed and not 74, too much to reap from, and 28 intensity for aura.

he says as he realises he died 12 minutes ago to my uber minmax hyperspeed particle acceleration boxing build (he died so fast his body was unable to process the extreme speed)

ok but block parry dodge, self explosion, instant moves, 40 damage dot and other things to my advantage.

can do the same

I have this… and something else… but better (3x slam goes hard :joy:)

not sure how this helps when The only thing you can see is my afterimage

I dunno what plasma boxing DoT is (post buff) with a high power build lol :man_shrugging: