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I was in a server with my friend when someone by the name of Elonmuskcatrat (i can’t remember the exact name it was something like that, it definitely started with Elon) joined the server and within less than 20 seconds of joining they messaged me
“no way”
I responded saying what and they said
“Ur giving away free stuff that’s pretty cool”
I left the server instantly because I was afraid it would be one of those exploits where they steal from ur inventory and wanted to avoid this. They were in a clan i can’t remember which one.
Anyway I checked later and nothing had been taken from my inventory so i either left in time or they are waffling.
I recommend you leave if they join u though



Looks like they stole these fuys’s words. Anyway it’s good that you legt since my cousin Thas Notreel had his items stolen grom him.

Now i’m tempted to do this exact thing to mess with people

If you do it too often people might report you and have mods look into it for suspicious activity