Warrior VS Warlord gone wrong 18+ (NEED NERF ?)

And I thought berserker had the most mobility but apparently I was delusional because warlord can go to the heaven, take a look at this video and tell me what you think about what’s happening because this amount of mobility should be illegal.

I didn’t watch the video, but Ima assume it’s about the Thermofist + Spiraling Fury combo (either with attackspeed or without) which makes you fly.

Wild how weapons have a no endlag stun mobility move but fighting styles don’t

and people fr saying that weapons are ass because they “don’t have a high jump”


rod grab, spiraling fury, crash, all that jazz

Skills which dash you into something doesn’t work out of combat, like… its speed and range is 10-20% when you are not in combat, its more looks like your slow internet friend. Im talking about grabs, while sabre + scimitar’s dashes are not really effective cuz of their long endlag.
Also, its probably Lady Carina build, so you shouldn’t have any questions related to their endlags (not sure about endlag, should be checked) and speed at all.

i’m not talking about grabs…

Then what are you talking about? They don’t have high jumps…

rising tide, spiralling fury, flash strike and mirrored river:
Screenshot 2023-03-04 114336

All of them having giant endlag unless you are using full attack speed build. So sweety cheese for punishing, nvm, im not talking about rising tide and spiralling fury, since I didn’t checked those two.

thats just not true tho

Man, im warrior, I use both flash strike and mirrored river, if you are fightning with other warrior, then its easy to punish with same skill.

then just use it again

You probably didn’t saw real situation… warrior vs warrior is just dashing until enemy miss his flash strike or mirrored river and then punish it.
Much worse if other player use greatsword or stick.

or, you know, you could just use striking/piercing gale

I’m just saying that it’s not practical to use these skills if the opponent hasn’t started charging the skill yet. Easy to punish, no more arguing.
Maybe in some situations yes, but not in every situation unlike magic jumps.

Lady carina build ? nah he had 2k hp, if he had a lady carina build the match would’ve been long over but for a reason it lasted 10 minutes ( I cut out the boring part chasing him)

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rising tide has zero endlag even with no attack speed :fr:

…Stop arguing, since I won’t stop.

won’t stop what

Arguing. And yeah, I said thats im not talking about rising tide.
+Its got nerfed in patches.