Warrior & Weapons in pvp and the Balancing team (long rant)

so, to start u should expect me saying my problems with warriors and weapons in general and some concerns, this part is dedicated to make some core stuff clear, so please keep this as non-toxic and argument free as possible, there is a difference between debate and argument, this should be my most detailed post about my problem, i know there are some well deserved nerfs and i think i should make this clear so it doesnt happen again, im fine with warrior nerf and weapons nerf, im fine with these being balanced, i enjoy this game so i want the best for it, there is nothing personal to the people that test the balances with i will go a bit there too, also for the ones that said that i have this opinion bc im warrior, u are wrong, i talk a lot about warrior bc i have the most experience with it, that also why i talk a lot about strenght builds, someone will prob crucify me if i talk about that in a chat ever again.

My views on warrior

So warrior is a interesting class, but is incomplete, it haves missing moves and that hurts it a lot, given that most viable weapons for pvping have 2 moves, that doesnt help in being less predictable, can warrior be OP in future? yes it can, warrior was S tier at the start but not anymore.

Warrior at the start used to:

  • TP like crazy
  • Have insane AoE that didnt match visual, making a complete guess if ur gonna get hit or not
  • A ability (tempest) that was literally a one-sided giant wall
  • A triasta that had too much of a big AoE

these were fair nerf, expect triasta, that a close range musket, that nerf completly gut it, now there are some upcoming nerfs that are fair, such as the staff nerf to name one of them, i will go in more details about weapons on another category on their problem (not the upcoming one), but to go back to the topic, warrior since is mainly a weapon class it highly suffer of predictability, if people know what ur gonna do, then it will be harder to land hits or win, warrior being completly outclassed by conjuers and strenght builds.

conjuers can just go 150 weap/100 magic and use the best weap, while getting their awakening and getting access to beam and blast, what mages uses, strenght builds are just the meta, so i find it unfair that a class that u get most of it value in close range and that predictable get so harshly nerf by reducing the weapon dmg and deleting the awakening 10% dmg.

weapon problem in general

There are about 32 weapons, and not including weapons like Kai saber, Scimitars of storms, PTD, sanguine as their own separate category (since at the time they share attacks with already existing weapons to be special), there are about 27 Weapons, from all these weapons we get about 5-7 viable for PvP:

  • Katanas
  • dual swords
  • Musket
  • staff
  • rapier

i guess u can add Great axe but the attacks are very slow but good in close combat, but the slowness dmg it, PTD is also used but is mainly used for mobility.

all these weapons have 2 moves (expect great axe) and imo isnt enough to make out for how predictable they are, isnt only warrior that get affected by the nerf but also conjuers and warlords, conjuers already can only use blast, beam and smt explosion while most of it dmg come from weapons, this affects the conjuers a lot, some only use weapons and only go conj for the awakening buff, the warlords while from my experience rely on FS, weapons are also a nice combo or answer for close range and lets not forget, the parrying timing is mostly the same, if u know how to parry one class, u know how to parry it all, you already lose enough DMG from being parried.

For my next point, due to you can mostly use 5-7 weapons that have 2-3 moves and are easy to learn how to parry and how to punish, even blocking is enough, for some weapons the attack happens after the visual, some are easily dodgeable and some are too slow, most of the time you attack when the oponent cant do anything bc that the only safe way.

How many people on the balancing team even PvP a lot

I have to wonder how good they are and how they even test it, i dont have a problem parrying warrior and neither do other people that are on my level or even higher on parrying warrior, and only warrior gets parried and punished by good AO pvper so much, while other classes arent, so this brings my questions.

Who even tests these changes?

Its clear that the balancing team somehow manage to miss up the self synergy that FS had, and is clear they manage again to nerf FS so they are balanced and not meta yet again, to add i have to wonder how they let the shadow mage build to deal so much dps, they are a machine gun dealing 200+ dmg per second, and to also add i dont get how they manage to miss the broken shapes hitbox.

As i said i never saw good AO pvper struggle against warrior and to struggle to parry it, which let me to wonder, do the testers even pvp as much or even pvp with good PVPer? the balance changes are made for the PVP side so you would expect to have some knowledge in it or get AO good or expert PVPer suggestion and ideas, there is nothing personal but if u willingly decided to help the game with balancing the you should make sure that everything is fine, ya there will always be a meta but u can try to make it to not be so unfair to face it.

Weapons being extremely easy to punish and parry

ima go to over how easy is to parry them and punish them, this will also assume that there is mostly no lag

to also add, musket and staff are good choices, for musket is more like predicting while for staff is be ready for the projectile

katana & dual swords
  • flying slash: althrough is easy to just dodge, this will go for all projectiles, if they are far, u can get ready to parry it, you will get most of it value by being very close to the person, which at that point u already should be dashing and not challenge the close range class to a close range duel

  • TP moves: since both have the same attack, same strategy applies on them, when u hear the sound and/or see the visual, press G, the visuals happens first then the dmg, usually you are gonna be close to the person so do any attack, grab, AoE, projectile, they will be most likely behind you

  • shining cycle: Now if someone comes near you holding a rapier prepare to parry, he will do a shining cycle, if u get grabbed and they take the rapier, press G as soon as possible, u can attack back by using a AoE attack, grab or projectile

  • piercing strike: if someone is preparing any grab attack, dodge and prepare to land a attack where they will land

Alr now what about the weapons that people are scared of for no good reason?

Great Sword
  • honestly both attacks req you to be close and seem to have the same startup lag so mostly the same parry timing should be the same, honestly if is tempest use a AoE move, if is the shotgun use projectile or AoE move such a explosion
  • Crushing judgement: honestly if someone holds vindi, they will do this move, stay calm, be prepare, and when u see them using it, have a small delay, dont press G the moment u see them using the ability, remember that u might think they will go further than expected, during the slam endlag use any AoE or Grab move (fun fact: i just stay still and wait for them to come to me)

  • Devastate: its a follow up attack, if they just keep running towards u, do a grab attack, if u cant, when they are near you, press g, u will most likely parry it, use the height as a advantage

  • ethernal flash: its a close range musket, tbh since the nerf i never saw anyone else use it, if someone runs towards you with triasta, hold G, if ur fast enough to react when they randomly stop or know the distance, press G to parry, he will be close to u, so everything works to punish

  • The grab: anyone that uses that uses it for mobility or to do a follow up ethernal flash, if they actually try to grab you, just dodge and attack where will they land.

  • primal swap: you will rarely get hit bc you assume it will be a beast instinct, if u hear the sound dodge or press G to parry, just wait like 0.5s before u press G, the person will be close to you to hit them with anything

  • beast instinct: not sure why you wanna parry that, but honestly just dodge and prepare a charge attack, Beast instinct also doesnt give I-frames so any AOE move does the job and im sure i grabbed someone during beast instinct

  • honeslty if someone throws it, prepare to parry when u see the anim or dagger coming towards you, lets be honest people mainly use it for mobility, third tick always does the dmg and u can grab the person, u can also attack where will they land
final words

All weapons attack end up being extremely easy to parry and predict unlike other classes, most form of punishment allow you to use all kinds of abilities while a few req specific abilities, they also end up of the user being very close to you with enough endlag to punish, or req u to dodge and charge a attack where they will land if they use a grab.

Strenght builds dont have to worry about this, they can airstall or directly come to you and deal 388 dmg while having 2.2k hp (true story), if they do a mistake is hard to punish them due to their mobility.

Mages even with blast, beam and sometimes explosions can and will keep u blocking/parrying due to their dps, so while is also simple, they can dont need to be close to you to deal dmg.

These changes to weapons DMG and warrior awakening are too harsh imo and will only hurt all classes that use weapons that are already easily predictable, this also makes me to wonder the testers experience with good PVPers, i think im above average and i still dont struggle with weapons, funny enough the warrior that almost defeated me and was hard to parry due to him attacking when i couldnt do anything was the top 33 guy.

bassically, i feel like this might heavily hurt every weapon class

Wait untill you get ultimate arts

hey, i just said that warrior is incomplete and that warrior haves a good chance to be OP in future in the opening

It is op already

like half the balancing team are pvpers

And warrior is still a solid class pre nerfs, and it still will be post nerf

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