Was Pokemon sword/shield bad in your opinion?

idk what to post here so i just decided to ask a video game related question

and possibly start ww3 with replys

o yeah should probably state my opinion too

i thought it was good. then i looked at other pokemon games and was like “wow… this game is tra-” its not EXTREMLY bad, its just worse than other games in my opinion. i did enjoy the dynamax feature. but i think the thing that i hate the most about it is the shiny hunting. i spent at least 40 hours trying to get a shiny galarian slowpoke. and the dynamax adventures still doesn’t help. it gives you random shinys witch is kind of cool but i like to pick a target and go for it not just hope to get one outta nowhere . idk maybe im just mad i realased my rayquaza cuz i thought in order to get a shiny one i could release it and it would allow me to catch another( it didn’t) but shiny hunting is crap so this game is crap. (that was a joke it aint a huge pile of crap) this game is like i said, worse than most pokemon games

It’s an ok game.

Definitely not the best thing since sliced bread, i’m not sure why ign gave it a 9/10.

It isn’t the worst game ever BUT the game was a victim of lazy development. The wild area is…disappointing, but i’m also happy for it because it’s the first in the series. Just wish they left a better impression there.

Alot of the pokemon’s animations were lazy to. If you use double kick, the pokemon just hops.

It’s got flaws, but I won’t name all of them bc this will turn into an essay.

tl;dr - Game is a solid meh with glaring flaws but I found it ok.



It’s not the second coming of satan like people say it is

Then again my standards are pretty high cause I played Gen 5

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Didn’t play but I would say yes

It looks ok, im not a big fan of Dynamax though

Most of the important characters are either unlikable (Bede. although, I guess thats kind of the point) or just downright boring (Hop). But its still a fun pokemon game

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Did they fix the whole pokedex issue? If not then I’d have to say its a bad pokemon game.

Mega Evolution was easily the best feature, fuck z moves and dyna/gigantamax

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What happened with Pokémon again? I haven’t played since the one with chimchar.


anyway, Nintendo/Gamefreak stopped trying to make Pokémon good and original :confused:

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Haha same. I got to the water gym from my memory. I was stuck there because I was confused how my infernape wasn’t one shooting his water Pokémon and why are they one shotting me.

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i have a switch but after hearing all this negative shit about the new pokemon games i’ve been avoiding them, but i was a fan of older gens and i’d prolly be willing to buy one if i got a good price on it

My advice is to get an illegal game cartridge. They are all over eBay. They contain a ton of games too. The legal option is to get a preowned gaming device to which the game you want runs on. It may be expensive though.

since i already have the console i might look into the preloaded game cartridge thing lol

I don’t know the regulations about illegal game cartridges in your continent but in Asia I could tell you that every middle class gamer had one.

Well it is good in my opinion… although I have only ever played Let’s Go and Shield, Shield is the better of the two for me.

I borrowed an illegal cart from my friend
Those have a bunch of stuff on em

Yeah the illegal one I got had 200+ games.

the only thing good about SS was wooloo
just look at this