Water Curse

I havent played AA, is it a thing

no water curse, instead its the Tide Curse

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Curse users cant swim so a water curse user would instantly drown hehe

water curse probably exists if you are talking in like water magic shit
water still kills them

The equivalent of the water curse that exists is the Tide curse, which allows the user to control water and the tides.

I’m pretty sure an adept tide curse user has the ability to protect themselves from water damage by instinctively repel sea water from themselves.

Ive seen the case for a water curse not existing, but by the best argument ive seen other than “the devs said so”, also would cause the cloud curse to not be possible. Can someone explain, maybe I am too dumb to understand.

(Yes I know there is a year difference between the last reply, I don’t want to make a new thread)

it exists, its just called the tide curse instead of the water curse for some reason

heres a render vetex made a long time go of cursebeard with the tide, blaze, ice, and energy curse
(the tide curse lets him split the ocean like moses)

also yes

So tide curse users can turn into water?

as of now there are no proof of cursebeard being able to do that so water/tide curse is really fcking weird

other elemental curses also cant control the environment either so its another point for the supposed water curse )