Water/Ink magics

What do yall think about water and ink?Are they fine as they are or should they get buffed

They are fine/balanced as is. By themselves, they don’t do much (aside from Ink’s blind), but they will be super useful once we get our second magic.

I feel my stance is a bit skewed since I use ink but they are pretty weak on their own it seems. The best thing about ink for me is it’s not very destructive so I can use it in towns more without getting fined as a good guy.

Acid is a better version of water/ink being better at literally everything except the combo diferences.Water debuffs a lot of stuff same with ink both having rather limited interactions except freeze and scribe,acid not debuffing anything iirc only buffing heat based magics and solids.Water and ink will really limit your lost magic choices as hot magics will get debuffed by it

This actually is a huge advantage, since it allows you to completely nullify every other magic’s DoT (except for poisoned and bleeding). They make these magics serve not only as not only synergizing magics, but counters to the effectiveness of other magics, serving defensively.

On the flipside who tf uses water as their main to get that advantage?

The only person i saw using water was a guy in my guild.Nobody else

Also for example im having water as my second magic and i would love to have flare as my lost magic but im pretty sure water debuffs it,probably buffing mud aether lightning and storm on the downside of debuffing heat based magics

I use water for that advantage.