WAX has returned

Our lord has returned.

Get on the ground. Praise our lord, savior, and hope, for Vetexism is no more. WAX has returned, and he brings gifts. Pizza, the food of eternal life!


If anyone dare to speak of the religion known as vetexism you better be converted to WAXISM

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the heretics of the church of WAX shall be burned at the crust of pizza

I have no clue what the hell that means but heretics should burn so YEAHHHHHHHHH

heretic = unbeliever of a certain religion

now you know :nod:

I feel my brain expanding already much thanks for wise words

Are you alright?

Probably not sudden brain expansion doesn’t seem healthy

of course it isnt bro


this is a good omen of things to come

Did WAX remove their title of ‘Forum God’?

no macobre removed it she was the one who gave him that

Oh ok.

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wait did meta tell her to do that or-

Didn’t know WAX and Vetex had religions

i didn’t know either

how long has this been going on

praise WAX

true power of poyo


who’s wax