Ways to Toggle Dirt Accumulation & Tanning Off

Ways to Toggle Dirt Accumulation & Tanning Off
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Though I love the idea of these two features for the immersion they provide, they can quickly grow annoying, and feel more like a chore you have to work around when you just want your character to look how you want.

Coupled with the fact that most new players won’t have a brig to wash themselves for quite some time, you can run into people in the starter zones who look like they’ve been rolling in dirt, and for some, this can bother them. Aesthetic matters.

With Sameria on the horizon, this problems only going to get more annoying. Having a huge island like that will surely lead to constant tanning and lots of dirt accumulation that people cannot easily be rid of due to the size of the island.


Two ways to approach this.

The “Immersive” Fix

Soap & Aloe Vera. Yeah, seriously.

Aloe Vera

Spawns on desert islands like Sandfall & Sameria. Depending on how deep you want to go, Aloe Vera could need to be cooked first before its made into ‘sunscreen’.

When applied, it prevents the characters tanning level from changing. This means that not only do you not tan anymore, but if you find a particular level of tan that you enjoy, you can essentially ‘lock it in’ by using Aloe vera. This lock will stay forever, until you use another aloe vera to ‘remove’ it.


Bought in merchant shops or found in chests, Soap, when used, cleans dirt off, and stops it from appearing again for a long time. Alternatively, could be a ‘lock’ function like Aloe Vera but that might be a bit unintuitive.

(As an aside, can we maybe have the dirt accumulation toned down? It doesn’t seem to take a lot to get to maximum dirtiness.)

The “Boring” Fix

Add two new options in settings that let players turn these features on or off for their characters. When clicked off dirt and tan will slowly fade regardless of where you are and what you are doing, and if you relog your character will look like they do by default. That’s it, not really an ‘immersive’ fix but probably a simpler one.


sure, i mean why not

Filth covering the exterior eventually seeps inside, soiling one’s very spirit.

now us PVPers can shower with soap and water!(ingame)

Can’t see any reason not to add this. However, I think there needs to be a way to know if you currently have sunscreen/Aloe Vera effect.
Maybe something like status effect indicator would help? though I prefer something like if you’re holding sunscreen/Aloe Vera then it’ll show text that you currently have the effect active or inactive.

But unless soap has a lock function then I don’t think you need an indicator for the soap effect because you’ll know if you need to use soap when dirt starts accumulating.

Well, I’m against soap having a lock function because it’s pretty easy to get one anyway, and also it’s more intuitive like the suggestion said.

no real reason to not add this

I actually saw a guy on frostmill earlygame absolutely covered with dirt so I had to let him know that jumping into the water would reduce it but for the time being he could use the bath in my brig.

he was genuinely glad to know there was a way to get rid of it.



this is why hes the GOAT

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Tanning I can stand, but the dirt just gets ON MY NEVERA TO NO END. Anyways, cool concept. Maybe just have soap be a buyable item with unlimited uses which just instantly removes all dirt instead? Kinda feels a bit weird to just use it and never get dirty again.

Legit dirt and tanning has ruined some shots ive wanted to take of my character, like just getting awakening for example, so this is a welcome edition in my book.

bro its just a block game we dont need whole skin care lol

I was hoping a reply to my comment would be someone getting the reference… :frpensive:

why not

getting the soaked status (or maybe being in water for a prolonged time) washes dirt off

From testing, this is applied only once. So for example, if you are at maximum dirt, jumping into water will only clean you off for one ‘stack’ or whatever, whilst swimming around doesn’t seem to clean you at all. The most effective strategy without a brig is to basically jump in and out of the ocean until you are clean. A bit odd and counterintuitive.

you could try to ask a tester to suggest making it a full clear

Anything at this point is better. And besides tanning is also an issue that you can’t fix by just ‘jumping in water’. You have to actively avoid certain spots in the game for an extended period of time to get rid of a tan.

tans aren’t really that bad, if you wanna take a screenshot a tan typically makes you fit in MORE

That’s entirely subjective to your opinion. I hate tans in even the slightest form, and they ruin how my characters look to me often by turning them into tomatoes.

If tans aren’t ‘that bad’ to you, it’s entirely your own preference, but making any argument that the option to remove tans shouldn’t exist because there are some people who like it is a bit silly. The people who care about the aesthetics of their characters shouldn’t be denied an option because some people like it, and if you do like it, cool! Just leave it on. Thats why I want a toggle of some kind.

But for those of us it does bother, please don’t say your own aesthetic preference trumps ours. I really think tans make my characters look bad.

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