We are very very slowly approaching reminders part 3

i find it funny that anything off topic gets deleted so we are very slowly inching towards part 3

but good job, whoevers doing it

drinking water eventually kills you anyways
just slowing the inevitable


I muted Reminders For AO Part 2, but I’ll take a look at it.

It’d be at like 5k if people didn’t go off topic as much. Just post new updates/revelations and maybe reply to it. If it becomes a full on convo take it to DMs or make a topic for it.


it’s approaching

Can we get much higher?

i have a topic for trello updates and overall updates on tgr except its not a discussion post soley news about tgr

just got to 10000

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and we celebrate the birth of another reminders continuation

evil forum users be like: “I’m going to keep reminders for AO strictly to AO trello updates and respect the request of the author”


so high