We Get Our 2nd Magic At Level 100

How do yall feel about getting our 2nd magic at level 100?

I personally feel like its kinda too early because the planned level cap for WoM is level 5000, and I just don’t see how vertex could add enough storyline content for us to be at this point.


I think it’s cool. Because even if the planned level cap is at 5000 I mean like there’s probably all sorts of different content by then and the storyline… eh who cares about the storyline.

Nothing wrong with it imo. We’re going to get 3 magics and then we have to upgrade them. And there’s lost/primordial magics.

If ya wanna know first lost magic/spell is planned for level 120 :>

Keep in mind that lost spells are different from lost magics

uhh no in AA an average player get’s it at 150 - 100 mostly around 120 so it makes sense

I personally was not around during the AA days, but imo i feel like its way too early for that, like it just feels wrong to me that you would really have another magic at 1/50th of the planned max, id expect 2nd magic to be around level 300+ or something, typically most rpgs like this dont give you something like that, that fast, like fr, we’ve gone from starter, to novice to apprentice, and it seems like we’re getting something by the end of apprentice which wasn’t really that long

What if your second magic leveling is different than your primary? My example would be everyone unlocks the self explosion at level 25 for your first magic, so what if you unlock it at something like 150 for your second?

That’s a pretty good point. I didn’t even think of that!

But wouldn’t it make sense for us to master our first magic, before moving on to a second?

While that would make more sense, that’s not how it worked in AA. We didn’t even hit tier 5 before learning our second. If we took our first magic all the way to awakened before getting a second, I think I would quit halfway.

your second magic really wont be important as the lost and primordial magics would be taking the spotlight in the high lvl gameplay

This feels early as hell
We had to go through a bunch of trials to prove ourselves and gank Theos just for our second magic
I feel like maybe 150 would be better, but we can wield a lot more magic types this time so I get it

ok coool :sunglasses: :sunglasses: