We keep out items when AO comes out right?

Cause obviously boss items are being changed to different items so that means we keep those. But do we also keep regular gear? Sorry if this has been asked before

yeah it is lol

Yes, case closed

Inventory and stats are saved.(Except for boss items they will be compensated with something else)
And level will be reseted due to new story.

wait do we keep our current items equipped :thinking:
level 1 with 200 defense and 90 power

No, it unequips your items.

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wait i promised you 150 million lamina in ar, ill give it to u

No, i’m going to bed in a second

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ok gn ill give tomorrow

I hope it won’t delete the lamina :pensive:

I doubt i’ll be able to get on tomorrow but if I can i’ll join you

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if it does i will give you more

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