We need an NPC map!

I think someone should make a map of all possible Npc spawn locations.

Including bounty hunters, mc council, dark wizard/bandit, wanted merchants etc.

This would be particularly useful for people trying to npc hunt or for neg reps trying to find a merchant.

Personally I’m too busy to bother noting down every location, but maybe there are some peeps at CMMA who would do it.


wandering merchants probably have every single spawn location possible, except the random boss/structure spawn locations

so yeah idk try not to kill dark minibosses to encourage their spawns or sum

Good place to check for wanted merchants are the beaches and the Ruins of Charon

Lots of NPCs spawn at Ruins of Charon

there’s always a whole lot of wanted merchants at mount seawatch’s beach

Fucking touhoufag.
please lets have a talk later

This is a good idea I like this idea