We should make a deepwoken catagory

A lot of people are playing deepwoken while waiting for AO and also talking about it. A deepwoken catgory or subcategory would help organize things

  • yes
  • no

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Although, not a bad point, I don’t see any point not to just use #off-topic for something like this, as it isn’t related to AO, WoM or AA.

Just make a “gaming” tag and an “AO” tag

We need a geography category though.

Though not a bad idea but it wouldn’t make much sense.

Nope, too niche, not enough people use that

True but it could be a subcategory to both Art and Writing.

Maybe in the future, but for now it doesn’t really deserve a category unless a shit ton of people make maps.

How about we should not

True it should be like a subcategory for both Art and Writing.

Like I said, too niche, should just fall under art.

It could also fall under writing with detail and an overview about the map.

Depends, is the map simply there to visualize the world or is the map the art?

map art.

Then that falls under art

True but it the category should be called Cartography Category since that’s what map makers are called.
It should be a subcategory for both Art and Writing.

It could be used to visualize the world and map art.

Still part of art buddy

True but in a way, it is also a part of Writing since there is an overview sometimes to the map.

With your logic, every post should be in #writing

Or art.