Weapon discovery

i was looking for the epicenter, right? at one point i got jumped by an atlantean ship and the captain jumped off and chased my ship. he was spamming flying phoenix and what i discovered was that at high levels it has phoenix visuals. like not just bird visuals but actual visuals that look like the phoenix spell shape. now im thinking that sparrow thrust might have sparrow/bird visuals


do you have pic

yea, i think vetex mentioned this once somewhere

no bruh i was being chased by an atlantean while my brig was at 1/3 hp

actually, I’m pretty sure this happens at high graphics levels

as in my flying phoenix is in fact a phoenix

you’re prob a full warrior then

the pheonix appears with higher tiers

yea thats what i said

Here’s an image of my warrior doing flying phoenix on a sunken sword. You can see the bird near the spirals.